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Monique Streets, LMT


Illuminating Your Path to Wellness and Naturally Awakening is My ultimate goal. I will develop a personalized treatment plan using unique Massage Therapy and Quantum Healing Techniques as Natural, Holistic, Effective, Preventive Healthcare Support. Increasing flexibility, decreasing fatigue and reducing headaches, aches and pains. While creating long-lasting partnerships with individuals using their lifestyles and needs to help guide those on a Healing Journey or those who would like to manage their aches and pains with less medication. Your Energy Body is responsible for nourishing your Physical Body. So, having blocks in the flow of your energy can cause your Energetic Body to become depleted, this depletion can result in a variety of physical ailments; all of which that can be managed with a variety of techniques including Therapeutic Massage, Pranic Healing and the Clearing, Cleansing and Healing of Your Energetic Body. As an Intuitive Healer, I can sense ways to help your body to restore itself to it's greatest possible health. Remember.... The better you feel on the inside, the more confident you will appear on the outside.

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Relaxation Massage

Light to Medium Gentle, Smooth, Gliding strokes to help you Relax without focusing on easing any muscle tension. Using Hot Towels, Scalp Massage and Foot Massage to deepen Your Relaxation. 

Great for those looking for a Special Treat.


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 60Min Massage


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Therapeutic Massage

Fusing Eastern and Western techniques by using Acupressure, Healing Touch and other Massage Therapy Modalities to impact deeper muscles to get to the root of your issues; this will Increase your Stamina and your Range of Motion, while decreasing Pain, Tension and Discomfort; leaving you feeling incredibly Relaxed and Rejuvenated, while embodying Peace and Tranquility without sacrificing your need for real Therapeutic Bodywork. 

60Min - 90Min - 120Min

For a Limited Time!

60Min Massage


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Healing Sessions

Healing Sessions are a Holistic option to greatly reduce Body Pain, Nerve Pain, Chronic Fatigue, Migraines, Anxiety and just about anything your body is trying to get rid of. Intuitive Healer releases Trapped Emotions and Pranic Blockages and Re-balance and Energize Your Chakras and Your Aura; Bringing a Balance to Your Mind, Body and Spirit.  You will find that you're more energetic and productive; Reducing Brain Fog and transforming inner shadow into light and making Your Dreams become Your Reality. 

Remote Sessions Only


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Hours Of Availability

All Hours Are By Pre-Booked Appointments Only. No Walk-Ins Accepted. 

Quiescence Experience

1105 Prospect Street, Indianapolis, IN, USA

(317) 654-7200


Located in The Fountain Square Theatre Building in The Duckpin Bowling Entrance. Please wait in the Lobby. I will escort You up to The Wellness Studio at the time of Your Appointment. You may Text once You've arrived 317-654-7200. Find Parking