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More Information about Intuitive Healing & BQH Sessions

All Services Are Provided Remotely

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Hours of availability are by pre-booked appointments only. Click Here to view availability. While Cultivating First Class Customer Service that addresses your needs and expectations as a Solo-Practitioner, I've found that using On-line Scheduling for intuitive healing, psychic and wellness services makes the appointment scheduling process seamless. Allowing You to schedule at Your convenience without waiting to receive contact back from me. All services are provided remotely, this means we do not meet in person. A client living far away or just unable to visit for an in-person session may receive Intuitive Services & Energy Healing Services remotely or from long-distance. High Vibration Energy is not bound to time or space, a connection is created between Myself and Ascended Masters to facilitate services. Please schedule your service at a time that is convenient for us to communicate by phone or email. A 24 hour advance notice is required when canceling any Services. I understand that unanticipated events happen occasionally in everyone’s life. So, each situation will be accessed individually. If you do not give a 24 hour advance notice you will be charged Half the Price of your scheduled Service and the other half of the price paid for your service will be refunded. Anyone who consciously chooses to forgo their scheduled appointment for whatever reason will be considered a “No-Show.” And will be charged the Full Price of their “Missed” Scheduled Service. 

Intuitive Healing Sessions

Looking For More Information About The Benefits of Healing Sessions?

Begin with the Intent for Your Intuitive Healing Session. If your intent is for Wellness... You can choose to concentrate on a specific Health Concern or choose to focus on greatly reducing Body & Nerve Pain, Chronic Fatigue, Migraines, Anxiety or to Battle Cancer, Diabetes, Blood Pressure issue and just about anything your body is trying to get rid of.  Or, your intent for your Session may be to achieve more Harmony and Balance with the Mind/Body and Spirit... It's All up to You. Sometimes more sessions are needed to facilitate Total Body Healing.

BQH Sessions

More Information About BQH (Beyond Quantum Healing)

This is a guided Journey along Your personal Timeline and into your Past Lives... 

By exploring the circumstances in Your Past Lives, you experience profound Healing, wellness and understanding of your Higher Purpose in Your current life.

 Guided Meditation is used like a light Hypnosis, placing you into an altered state of awareness to enable you to Re-visit and Resolve Traumatic Conflicts or Experiences from your Past Lives that are directly impacting this current Lifetime. This Service assists with Healing emotional and/or physical issues that you may be experiencing while giving you an opportunity to obtain more knowledge about your Life's Lessons and Missions...

 allowing you to gain a deep seated understanding of things... the way they really are. The most important and only requirement is to trust the process, and yourself and show up! 

Prepare A List Of Questions: As your facilitator, I ask that you write your questions on paper and give it to me at our appointment. A maximum of 20 questions is ideal. What kind of questions? Here are a few examples... I have had asthma since birth. Why? Can it be healed? I am in a new love relationship. Is this person the right one for me? I really dislike my job and would like to quit and find a new one. Should I? I have a difficult relationship with my sister. Why is this so and can it be resolved? Many years ago I had something strange happen to me (This could be a dream, vision, feeling, or experience). What exactly happened, and why? I have a lifelong interest in (name any subject) can we explore this in depth? Why am I here? What is my mission in this lifetime? Can I improve my intuitive or psychic skills? How? How can I create more peace or balance or abundance in my life?

 Things To Consider: Try to pay attention to your dreams before our appointment. Write them down. They are messages for you and it can help me with your session. If you do not already meditate, its a good time to start. At the very least, give yourself quiet time daily to quell your mind chatter. Don’t drink alcoholic and caffeinated beverages before the session or the evening before, if possible. If you are a regular morning coffee drinker, please don’t skip your coffee, but keep it to a minimum before your session. Light exercise prior to your appointment, like a long walk, is an excellent way to prepare for a successful session. This is another good time to repeat your intention. We want your body relaxed, but your mind quiet, alert and engaged. 

Clear your day for the session if possible. 

We begin by talking, going over the process, and your questions. Then once you've gotten comfortable and relaxed we will begin the actual hypnotic regression. Afterwards, we go over what was experienced and I make sure you are awake and grounded. This entire process can take anywhere from 3 to 5 hours total, and occasionally even a little bit longer. 

It is generally not a good idea to have additional appointments after your regression, or activities that require a great deal of concentration. You should take it easy. Dress comfortably. Since you may be lying down for a couple of hours, you should wear comfortable, light, loose-fitting clothes that won't constrict your circulation or over-heat you while you're lying under a blanket. Get a good night's sleep. If you meditate, do so the morning or day of your appointment to help clear your mind. If you don’t meditate, then do something that calms you like taking a nice relaxing walk, petting your pet or listening to some soothing music. 

What to eat: Our session will be approximately 5 hours so you should eat something light before for your session begins.

 Remember, whatever happens will be exactly what you need at this time of your journey. Know that the Universe has its own timing and reasons beyond the human mind’s control or understanding of the details. It will be most supportive if you come with your questions and intentions without being attached to the outcome. In this state of trust and openness, you attuned to receive the gifts of this experience. So come with an open heart and enjoy your session!  

Benefits of Therapeutic Bodywork

Experts estimate that upwards of ninety percent of disease is stress-related. And perhaps nothing ages us faster, internally and externally, than high stress. Bodywork & Energy Healing are effective tools for managing this stress, which translates into:

Decreased anxiety

Enhanced sleep quality

Greater energy

Improved concentration

Increased circulation

Reduced fatigue

Alleviate low-back pain and improve range of motion.

Ease medication dependence.

Enhance immunity by stimulating lymph flow—the body's natural defense system.

Improve the condition of the body's largest organ—the skin.

Increase joint flexibility.

Lessen depression and anxiety.

Pump oxygen and nutrients into tissues and vital organs, improving circulation.

Reduce post-surgery adhesion and swelling.

Reduce spasms and cramping.

Release endorphins—amino acids that work as the body's natural painkiller.

Relieve migraine pain.

* Intuitive Healing can also help specifically address a number of these health issues and facilitate Wellness.

~Invest in your health~